Bill Worb Furs Inc.



100% laine, 36-38 oz.

58 "- 60" de large.

Le prix est par mètre.

Veuillez noter: les pièces individuelles sont vendues à une taille maximale de 4 mètres. Les plus gros morceaux seront coupés. Veuillez demander si de plus gros morceaux ne doivent pas être coupés.

Disponible en orange, bleu clair, bleu, turquoise, vert et beige

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Susan Pryde

The Blue duffle I received was very different from the White and Grey previously purchased. It was 100% better. The other two White and Grey was bad. I felt ripped off.

Great service

Very fast service. I bought the white Duffel which is a thick but light weight wool. White is not paper white but more a creamy white, but fortunately not too yellowish. The red Melton cloth is a nice weight but I almost think they mistakenly sent me burgundy as I would say this is a very Burgundy red. Certainly not what I want for a nice standard red. Going back to the photo online which shows the colours stacked up I would say it’s the bergundy not the red like at the bottom of the pile!

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