Bill Worb Furs Inc.

Alaska Cowhide Split Leather


High quality cowhide split leather

Suede on both sides. 2.5 - 3.0 oz. Soft quality makes it easy to work. Ideal for slippers, mukluks, gauntlets, vests and much more. 

Colors: Gold, elk, black, grey, light grey, teal, hunter green, turquoise, navy, sky blue, electric blue, red, burgundy, purple, pink, taupe, tobacco, emerald green, light green, forest green, light brown, dark brown, charcoal, natural, rose and fuchsia. 

Hide sizes: 6-20 ft

#1 quality:   $3.25 / sq. ft.

Please select quantity in square feet.

Please note that white is temporarily out of stock.

Please order minimum quantity of 5 square feet per piece.

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