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Alaska Cowhide Split Leather



High quality cowhide suede leather

Excellent quality. Top rated! Our best seller!

Suede on both sides. 2.5 - 3.0 oz. Soft quality makes it easy to work. Ideal for slippers, mukluks, gauntlets, vests and much more. 

Colors top row: 1. Dark brown 2.teal 3.electric blue 5.cognac

Colors second row: 7.sand 8.white 10.turquoise 11.fuschia 12.elk

Colors third row: 13.brown 14.grey 15.purple 16.natural tan 17.charcoal 18.hunter green

Colors bottom row: 20.burgundy 21.aqua 22.light grey 24.emerald 25. tobacco blue 29.butternut squash

Hide sizes: 6-20 ft, price is NOT per hide.

#1 quality:   $3.99 / sq. ft

Quantity and price is per square foot.

Minimum order is 5 square feet.

Leather is used frequently for clothing items like leather jackets, leather pants, leather dresses, leather blouses, mitts, footwear and more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Anne Callaghan
High quality product

I use this suede for the soles of my baby booties. I have always been impressed by the quality of each piece

Elaine Story

Great service

Tracy A.
Made Moccasins

Excellent selection of colours! I bought 5 sq ft pieces in four different colours for moccasins and should get two pairs out of each piece, so it's a wonderful price. Excellent quality! I'm very happy.

Ivy Acreman
alaska cowhide split leather

I had 2 colors of hide in my last order. The tobacco was very dark, not a good color for tobacco. I haven't used any yet. The pink was hard to sew . It was nice and soft but it seemed like it was too tough to sew easily, probably too much chemicals.

Agnes Albert

Good quality

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