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Alaska Cowhide Split Leather



High quality cowhide split leather

Excellent quality. Top rated! Our best seller!

Suede on both sides. 2.5 - 3.0 oz. Soft quality makes it easy to work. Ideal for slippers, mukluks, gauntlets, vests and much more. 

Colors top row: 1. Dark brown 2.teal 3.electric blue 5.steel grey

Colors second row: 7.sand 8.white 10.turquoise 11.fuschia 12.elk

Colors third row: 13.brown 14.grey 15.purple 16.natural tan 17.charcoal 18.hunter green

Colors bottom row: 20.burgundy 21.aqua 22.light grey 24.emerald 25.cognac blue 29.butternut squash

Hide sizes: 6-20 ft, price is NOT per hide.

#1 quality:   $3.95 / sq. ft

Quantity and price is per square foot.

Minimum order is 5 square feet.

Leather is used frequently for clothing items like leather jackets, leather pants, leather dresses, leather blouses, mitts, footwear and more.

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