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Coyote Hood Ruffs- #1 quality


Coyote Parka Hood Ruffs

Excellent quality coyote fur hood ruffs. Best seller!

Ready to be sewn on to any hood

Colour: Natural

25"-26" length x 2 1/4" wide

We can also do custom sizing. Please contact us for information.

Hoods with fur decrease the amount of heat lost, thus keeping your face and you warmer. The larger the diameter, variety of fur, and if the fur is natural, the warmer your face will be

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Invasive European Tactics

Aboriginals in the field are not an indication of benefit of any kind to Aboriginals. They were raped and indoctrinated with alcohol guns drugs money and religion into shooting their deities' incarnates, and degrading them into a commercial item for Hudson's Bay Company. Colonial imperialism at its finest. Please protect our sacred creatures.

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