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Sheared Beaver Fur


Sheared Beaver Fur Pelts

These super soft and silky natural hand plucked sheared beaver pelts are ready to be shipped same day as ordered.

Winter Quality. Excellent colour. 

Sizes: Large, XL, XXL, Jumbo

Europeans traded with Indigenous people for beaver pelts. The demand for felt hats in Europe drove this business. The fur trade was one of the main reasons that Europeans explored and colonized Canada.

Fur is a sustainable, respectful and even luxurious material for clothing, accessories and art in indigenous culture. We believe it's important to preserve fur's place in Indigenous cultures and traditional economies.

Customer Reviews

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john drever
Sheared Beaver pelts.

Thank you so much for the beautiful pelts. Yours are like no others, very soft and thick. They are perfect for lining my fur hats and mitts.

Daniel Brown

Easy to work with, smooth, and great consistancy

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