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Bead Vials


Bead Vials

These beads are a great size to sew traditional indigenous beaded vamps as well as for all types of beaded indigenous crafts.

Size: 10, 22 gram/vial

Made in Czech Republic.
Price is $3.99 per vial.

Over 30 colours to choose from

Colors: Metallic silver, Opaque copper,  Shiny copper, Shiny gold, Opaque medium dark green, Opaque light green, Opaque medium green, Crystal neon pink, Crystal neon green, Crystal neon orange, Crystal neon yellow, Crystal neon purple, Terra intensive pink, Terra intensive rose, Opaque dyed pink, Opaque gold yellow, Opaque light orange, Opaque orange, Opaque medium red, Opaque medium dark red, Transparent red, Opaque turquoise, Transparent turquoise, Opaque pale blue, Opaque royal blue, Opaque light blue, Opaque violet, Shiny violet, Opaque dyed violet, Opaque white, Transparent crystal, Transparent topaz, S/L purple, Opaque grey, Opaque dark brown, Opaque black, Black diamond copper line, Multi-coloured

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