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Duffel Fabric


Duffel Fabric 100% wool, 36-38 oz. fabric (felt)

58" - 60" wide.

Price $69.95 per yard.

Colours top to bottom: Navy, Black, Red, Grey, White, Orange, Light Blue

Please note:   request if larger pieces are to remain uncut.

The name Duffle derives from the town called Duffel in Belgium where the material originates. It was once traditionally a thick coarse woollen fabric used for Duffle coats, which became popular because of the British Royal Navy

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Susan Pryde

The Blue duffle I received was very different from the White and Grey previously purchased. It was 100% better. The other two White and Grey was bad. I felt ripped off.

Great service

Very fast service. I bought the white Duffel which is a thick but light weight wool. White is not paper white but more a creamy white, but fortunately not too yellowish. The red Melton cloth is a nice weight but I almost think they mistakenly sent me burgundy as I would say this is a very Burgundy red. Certainly not what I want for a nice standard red. Going back to the photo online which shows the colours stacked up I would say it’s the bergundy not the red like at the bottom of the pile!

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